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Defeating Hamas in America

  To defeat the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign against Israel, it is first necessary to understand it.   The BDS campaign is an extraordinary phenomenon.   Activists from US coast to coast robotically parrot the same lies, employ the same tactics of bullying, intimidating and silencing pro-Israel activists and speakers on campus after campus.   Their goals are uniform.…

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Our estranged generals

    It’s been a long time in coming, but it finally happened.   The IDF General Staff has lost the public trust.   This is terrible for the General Staff. But it is more terrible for the country, because the public is right not to trust our military leaders. They have earned our distrust fair and square. The final…

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Where UNESCO and ISIS converge

  Last month, UNESCO’s director general Irina Bokova issued a statement congratulating Russian- backed Syrian forces for liberating the ancient city of Palmyra from Islamic State (ISIS).   Bokova said Palmyra “carries the memory of the Syrian people, and the values of cultural diversity, tolerance and openness that have made this region a cradle of civilization.”   Bokova added, “The…

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Obama’s political legacy

  The US presidential race is President Barack Obama’s political legacy. Depending on who succeeds him, that legacy will either fade or become the new normal.   To understand what he has wrought, a good place to start is with the man running to Obama’s left: Sen. Bernie Sanders. The socialist from Vermont knows how to play to the crowd.…

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kerry hiroshima

Obama’s nuclear contrition

  On Monday, US Secretary of State John Kerry visited Hiroshima. While there meeting with this G-7 counterparts, Kerry strongly hinted that his visit was a precursor to a visit to the site of the first nuclear bombing by President Barack Obama next month.   The irony of course is that for all his professed commitment to ridding the world of…

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christian genocide2

Inconvenient genocide

  The Christian communities of Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Lebanon are well on the way to joining their Jewish cousins. The Jewish communities of these states predated Islam by a millennium, and were vibrant until the 20th century. But the Arab world’s war on the Jewish state, and more generally on Jews, wiped out the Jewish populations several decades ago.…

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The bipartisan enemy of the good

  On March 25, The New York Times published an editorial effectively calling for US President Barack Obama to abandon the US alliance with Egypt. The Obama White House’s house paper urged the president to “reassess whether an alliance that has long been considered a cornerstone of American national security policy is doing more harm than good.” The editorial concluded that…

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Israeli attorney Ruth David Bloom, connected to the court case on Israeli attorney Ronel Fisher (not seen) arrives to the Magistrate's court in Jerusalem on May 06, 2015.  Fisher is suspected of being involved in a number of cases where investigative information received from his police officer clients was handed down in exchange for bribes. Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90 *** Local Caption *** ????? ????
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The stench of a rat

    Tuesday the news broke that the police are investigating Interior Minister (and ex-con) Arye Deri and opposition leader (and former criminal defendant) Isaac Herzog. The two men are suspected of carrying out various forms of financial corruption.   Judging from the reports, neither man has reason to sleep easy. But then again, the investigations are nowhere near completion.…

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