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Rabin’s true legacy

    It is notable that the same week that Israel marked the twentieth anniversary of the assassination of prime minister and defense minister Yitzhak Rabin, Palestinian Authority President and PLO chief Mahmoud Abbas went before the UN Human Rights Commission and asked the UN to establish “a special regime of international protection” for the Palestinians against Israel.   “It…

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obama aipac

AIPAC’s devastating decision

    Democratic Senator Chris Coons from Delaware betrayed his backers and his voters when at the end of the summer, as the Senate returned from recess, he announced that he was supporting President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran.   Coons announced his decision in an address at the University of Delaware. There Coons acknowledged that the deal was…

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bibi crazy

Crazy like a fox

  Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is crazy like a fox.     Netanyahu’s assertion on Tuesday before the World Zionist Congress that the founder of the Palestinian people Haj Amin el Husseini convinced Adolf Hitler to eradicate rather than expel the Jews of Europe was an overstatement of Husseini’s role.     No, the Holocaust was not Husseini’s idea. But…

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french jews

France’s war against the Jews

  France’s plan to use its position at the UN Security Council to bring about the deployment of international monitors to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem has been condemned by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his ministers as biased, unhelpful and detached from reality.     Certainly it is all those things. But France’s decision to use its diplomatic position…

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Israel’s risk aversion problem

On Wednesday the Obama administration was caught off guard by Russia’s rapid rise in Syria. As the Russians began bombing a US-supported militia along the Damascus-Homs highway, Secretary of State John Kerry was meeting with his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, at the UN. Just hours before their meeting Kerry was insisting that Russia’s presence in Syria would likely be a…

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